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MTIG - Motion To Impose Guilt
POSS C/S - Possession Of A Controlled Substance



When an individual is arrested for a crime typically he/she will be taken to the local law enforcement facility for booking such as the local county jail. Generally after he/she is booked into the jail, if a bond is not already issued, a judge will decide the type of bond and bond amount that will be set for your case.

The severity of the crime that you are arrested for and accused of determines what kind of bond and the bond amount will be set. Furthermore, the severity of the crime also can determine the speed of the process. Individuals that are booked on less serious charges can bail out quicker than those that are detained for much more severe charges.

If a bond is set by the judge then the defendant or a loved one can work with a bail bondsman service to post the bond. Basically the bonding agent charges you a premium fee to post the full amount of your bond. This means the bonding agency guarantees the court that the defendant will appear in court until the conclusion of your case.

If you fail to appear in court the bond company may have to pay the full amount of the bond to the court and/or promise the court they will find the defendant and have them returned within a certain time-frame.

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Bail Bonds

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